About Us

SadlerGreen are manufacturers of memorial photo plaques for headstones and crematoriums; taking digital or original images to create a transfer using digital ceramic printing technology.

Boasting a wealth of experience, we have garnered a reputation for high quality and excellent service. Our products are kiln fired up to 900°C, to provide a scratch-proof and fade-resistant finish.

  • Plaques are kiln fired to provide a weatherproof and fade-resistant finish.
  • Email and phone support is available on all orders, our team is ready to answer any questions you might have.
  • We are a trusted member of the National Association of Memorial Masons.
  • Digital ceramic printing technology is utilised to create all memorial photo plaques.

    Please be aware, that while we do everything we can to match to the colours shown on screen and in original photos, due to the nature of the digital ceramic printing process and ceramic toners, it is not always possible to exactly match the colour of the fired piece to that of the source material.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. 

The Story so far

We began our involvement in the ceramic printing industry in 1998, since then we have expanded as a company and now offer a range of products and services.

Xerital Limited was formed in 2004. Initially, the business focused on the conversion of laser printers for ceramic printing and the sale of consumables for the digital ceramic printing process. The business then developed into the printing and supply of digital ceramic transfers for a wide range of clients including sanitary-ware manufacturers, ceramic giftware producers and art students specialising in ceramics or glass as an art form.

In 2008 the company launched a new website FotoCeramic.com to allow clients to upload their images via the internet, for processing into ceramic transfers. The website proved to be a great success. As a result of this, in 2012, the company successfully won a commission to produce the transfers for a large format ceramic tile mural at Glasgow Hillhead Subway Station. Further work has followed including ceramic tile murals in Glasgow Western Baths, Liverpool Dementia Centre, and an underpass in Paddington.

It is through the success of our experiences that SadlerGreen was born, first offering completed ceramic tile murals, before shifting focus to producing memorial photo plaques, using vitrified Italian porcelain.

We are now a trusted member of The National Association of Memorial Masons, supplying memorial photo plaques to trade customers around the U.K., and beyond.

Our Name

SadlerGreen is named in homage to John Sadler and Guy Green, pioneers in the ceramic printing process. Their decorated ceramic tiles are still highly collectable today and examples can be found at the Victoria and Albert Collection in London.

The creativity and foresight of these two minds inspired us to aim higher in what we can offer, to provide innovative solutions in the field of decorative ceramics.


“Well, what a lovely company to work with. After the death of my darling wife I wanted a special ceramic plaque to place on the family grave. I did a web search and was guided to Sadler Green. My requirements were not straight forward in terms of colour balance, but they did trials to get the best. Their communication was excellent and the outcome equally so. Altogether a great experience; thank you.”

Eugene H, February 2019.